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Jay Kinzler argues there are no limits to where the Mike Madigan machine will go to spread its propaganda.

“He’s a very dishonest person and he runs with dishonest people who use disinformation to whatever means they need to,” Kinzler told the DuPage Policy Journal. “The sad thing is they have the money to do it, because it’s come off the backs of the residents of Illinois.”

The long-time House speaker is now suspected of having been involved in sending “no budget, no pay” mailers to residents in several districts where he is supporting a candidate in November’s general election. The ad implies that Madigan supports such legislation when in truth he has fiercely fought against it, according to the North Cook News.

The news organization previously reported that Madigan (D-Chicago) filed suit against former Illinois comptroller Leslie Munger after she moved to withhold pay for lawmakers in Springfield without a balanced state budget in place.

Recently, a group of GOP legislators, including Munger, who is now Gov. Bruce Rauner’s deputy governor, and candidates held a press conference where they sought to bring Madigan’s “distortions” to light.

“Their distortions know no end,” said Kinzler, running against Rep. Deb Conroy (D-Villa Park) in the 46th District. “I recently got a mailer paid for by the state of Illinois that was in support of my opponent boasting about not wasting taxpayer’s money. Part of the job is educating people so they get the message about what’s happening.”

Kinzler supports “no budget, no pay” and has vowed not to take a state pension, he said.

“I think legislators are overpaid for the part-time job that they hold,” Kinzler said. “I challenge other Madigan hacks to do the same.”

It’s not surprising that Madigan and his supporters are again turning to such tactics this election season, Kinzler said.

“He has no record to run on,” he said. “This is all they have; they deflect with disinformation and try to deceive voters by lying about their opponents. People want change. They’re tired of Madigan’s single-party system.”

The 46th House District includes all or parts of Addison, Bloomingdale, Carol Stream, Glen Ellyn, Glendale Heights, Hanover Park, Lombard and Villa Park.

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