DuPage Policy Journal

Some of the people who know Republican candidate Jay Kinzler best stand by him the most in a video posted to Facebook as a testimonial to his work.

“I got to know Jay Kinzler when I was diagnosed with cancer and did a lot of research on doctors in the area,” Steve Mack said in the video. “I met with a lot of doctors. When I met with Dr. Kinzler, we hit it off. He’s a very educated man, but he spoke down to me where I could understand what he was going to do. He made me comfortable.”

Kinzler is running in November’s general election against Rep. Deb Conroy (D-Villa Park) in the 46th House District on a platform of greater fiscal responsibility and more government accountability. His supporters insist he means what he says.

“Jay and I have worked together as transplant surgeons for the last 24 years,” Dr. Deepak Mital said. “He’s honest, reliable, trustworthy and a good human being. I’ve seen him take care of very difficult patients. I think Illinois is like a very complicated patient and needs a surgeon like Jay to go down there and fix the problems.”

Several supporters point out how Kinzler made the sacrifice late in life to join the Army as a testament to what he stands for and how he feels about his country.

“I think by Jay serving us in the military while he’s got a family and he’s got such a demanding profession shows a love for this country that goes above,” Carol Davis said.

To Mack, it speaks to who Kinzler has always shown himself to be.

“Dr. Kinzler’s a working man’s man,” he added. “If Springfield was filled with Dr. Kinzlers, I think that the state would be in much better shape. Without just throwing money at issues, he can fix issues.”

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