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The Election Night Celebration is this Tuesday, March 20 at 7:30PM at Steve Mack’s Golden Pheasant. It is near the corner of Rt. 83 and on North Ave. – 668 W. North Ave. in Elmhurst.

Chicago Tribune Endorsement

Chicago Tribune 46th District: Republicans have been trying to snatch this west suburban seat from Democrats for several election cycles. Rep. Deb Conroy, D-Villa Park, beat a challenger comfortably in 2016. This year she’ll face the winner of the GOP primary between...

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Kinzler lights up the woods for the holidays

DuPage Policy Journal Jay Kinzler, a Glen Ellyn Republican running in the 46th House District, has found a way to keep the Christmas spirit alive in his neighborhood. “Every year the Boy Scouts come and they want to sell a tree,” Kinzler told the DuPage Policy...

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Conroy opponent disagrees with law establishing sanctuary state

DuPage Policy Journal Conservative House candidate Jay Kinzler says that while Illinois is a compassionate state, he disagrees with Gov. Bruce Rauner’s signing of the Trust Act, which made Illinois a so-called sanctuary state. “I think we should always lend a hand...

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46th House District candidate Kinzler says Bill 1905 hurts economy

DuPage Policy Journal Dr. Jay Kinzler, who is running for the 46th House District against incumbent state Rep. Deb Conroy (D-Villa Park), says the recent move by the Illinois Senate to override Bill 1905 will continue to damage the state’s economy. “All the states...

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Ives described as much firmer in her principles than Rauner

DuPage Policy Journal Dr. Jay Kinzler says he is committed to working with whomever sits in the governor’s chair after next year's election, but he has been impressed by Rep. Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton). “I think Jeanne is a very hardworking woman," Kinzler told the...

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Conroy opponent wants to draw the line on party-based redistricting

DuPage Policy Journal Illinois’ push to draw up new district boundaries has one House candidate calling for a return to geographically defined districts. “I think when our first Founding Fathers had this great idea called America, they basically wanted leaders to come...

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Conroy opponent calls incumbents blind to Illinoisans’ needs

DuPage Policy Journal A sales tax on gas that was hidden in the state budget is further evidence that Springfield is out of touch with citizens, Dr. Jay Kinzler told the DuPage Policy Journal. “It is Springfield having budget problems and not coming to grips that they...

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DuPage GOP urging fast action on candidate petitions

DuPage Policy Journal The DuPage GOP is reminding voters that candidate petitions must be signed, notarized and turned in soon. "We hope to deliver signatures to the candidates by the end of this month," the group said in a press release. Downloadable petitions are...

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Illinois can’t heal itself, doctor says in run for House seat

DuPage Policy Journal Dr. Jay Kinzler made up his mind to run for a House seat after watching friends and families suffer under Illinois' tax burden. “I came to the conclusion that I could either complain about it and watch my friends and family and...

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Conroy opponent in House race has ‘real problem’ with Rauner

DuPage Policy Journal Gov. Rauner’s decision to expand abortion coverage in Illinois has left Dr. Jay Kinzler even more disillusioned with the Republican leader. “He has done so many things that are anti-conservative,” Kinzler told the DuPage Policy Journal. “He is...

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